CR037 |  BELGRADO - "Siglo XXI" CS


200 copies

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Belgrado's second album is available now in supporting their SEA tour. Siglo XXI consist 11 tracks with the clear death-post-punk tunes. This album totally different with the old one. The few changes of the influences eliminated the sounds that come from their first album.

Belgrado has all the basic elements down: monochromatic production, echoey female vocals, some tribal-esque drumming patterns, bass up front in the mix, and some trebly, jagged guitar riffs occasionally punctuated with more melodic, chiming lines. The interplay between the bass and guitar is extremely dynamic that influenced by the usual suspects like Siekiera and Xmal Deutschland. Not to forget the dancing beats they got!

Previously released on LP by La Vida Es Un Mus.
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